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The Fruitful Entrepreneurs Podcast - Season One launching soon

Season One: Female Founders Series

I'm excited to share, that the Fruitful Entrepreneurs Podcast: Female Founder Series One is currently in production and will launch shortly with a weekly or fortnightly episode dropping on Sunday nights.

The Fruitful Entrepreneurs Podcast is a passion project of mine and aims to increase the visibility of female leaders in business to inspire a limitless mindset to build your own blooming brand.

Shelley Tilbrook hosts inspiring female founders to discuss their entrepreneur journey, challenges, lessons and success. We explore a range of business topics including purpose, leadership, scale, courage, mindset, mental health, technology, investors, motherhood and more.

The series is a must listen for female founders, business owners and those aspiring to start their own business.

Stay tuned for an exciting line up of guests that we will announce.

The podcast will be available on Spotify and a video format on Youtube. Plus you can join the free fruitful entrepreneurs Linkedin Group for insights.

If you are a female founder and you are interested in being a speaker on the podcast, drop me an email


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