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Digital Platforms have the ability to increase your reach, revenue and impact.


Digital solutions allow you to automate manual systems so you can work smarter not harder.

I love how through technology you can retarget warm leads, personalise marketing messages, respond to enquiries through automation solutions and create a better customer experience by showing them what they want and need.

My passion with combining technology and marketing is it's ability to increase impact, fast-track scaling models and grow commercial returns while removing geographical boundaries.

Here's some examples of projects I have done, their features and why I love their smart technology

Website Platforms


Smart website builds that include:

  • Smart automation;

  • Live chat bots;

  • Automatic email triggers;

  • Live bookings including automated zoom invites; 

  • CRM integration;

  • Social media integration;

  • Responsive and mobile-friendly;

  • Customer retargeting; and

  • Cart abandonment retargeting.

"I love that you can nurture leads and convert them into paying customers on auto-pilot."

Learning Platforms

"Online learning has been made so simple to scale and automate through digital platforms to teach your genius zone."

Learning platforms that include:

  • Modules and lectures unlock in order;

  • Video hosting;

  • Scheduled drip-feed content;

  • Automated course delivery that is easy to scale;

  • Interactive quizzes for engagement;

  • Automated student payments;

  • Flexible pricing structures - membership, one-time, bundles and offers;

  • Tailor brand and design;

  • Live coaching;

  • Course completion certificates;

  • Live feedback and comments; and

  • Software integration with Zapier, Zendesk, Olark

App Solutions

iSwim App

"Even during pool closures, this app was still able to provide value to its users through dryland training and skills videos."

App technology that allows:

  • Richer engagement with customers;

  • Automated tracking by smart devices;

  • Statistics dashboard;

  • Video platform;

  • Livestream of events;

  • Challenges to keep them engaged;

  • Integration with website content;

  • Live GPS map to find a pool;

  • Community to build your tribe;

  • Social integration;

  • Premium content through in-app purchase; and

  • In-app push notifications.

Virtual Events

Australia Swims.jpeg

"Australia Swims was a virtual event to connect all Australians with Swimming. The swim challenge went from swimming a lap of Australia in 2019 to swimming to Tokyo in 2020."

Technology for virtual events that allows:

  • Engagement with no geographical barrier;

  • Create a movement that can be tracked;

  • Challenges and tasks to keep them engaged;

  • Live tracking to show progress;

  • Set goals so they can try to beat them;

  • Connect a community and industry;

  • Content to inspire; and

  • Partnerships to amplify.

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