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Announcing The Fruitful Founders Immersion is Open for Applications

I'm excited to share the launch of this new coaching program with Fruitful Entrepreneurs, a new coaching program dedicated to female founders called The Fruitful Founders Immersion.

It's a 12-month mastermind to rebirth your bold blooming brand, shift your mindset, marketing and management to create a magnetising, meaningful mega-business for those in the startup and scale up phase.

I'm proud to be presenting the coaching sessions and program under the Fruitful Entrepreneurs banner.

The group coaching and membership program is for female entrepreneurs to develop business skills and implement fruitful strategies to start and scale a sustainable business.

This program is for you if you are serious about scaling beyond $1M without the burnout.

Learn proven frameworks, formulas and strategies with the support of the fruitful entrepreneur members to keep you accountable on the implementation to fast-track your success.

The fully-immersive program comprises three distinct elements including coaching, curriculum and community to support the female founders personal and business growth.

With both live support and do-at-your-own-pace curriculum the 12-month transformative journey is designed to support female founders who face unique business challenges.

The fully-immersive program comprises three distinct elements including coaching, curriculum and community to support the female founders personal and business growth.

Each of these areas is designed to Engage, educate and empower them on their entrepreneur journey.

Why I'm so passionate about supporting women-owned businesses:

30% of business in Australia are owned by women - this puts the country at 8th position on the Mastercard Index of Women Entrepreneurs (MIWE).

45% of female entrepreneurs started their business as a passion or hobby compared to 35% of male entrepreneurs who were motivated by financial independence.

75% of women started their business through self-funding (compared to 71% of men), despite the gender pay gap. 9% took out a bank loan (compared to 19% of men).

34% of businesses worldwide are owned by women.

Moreover, venture capital is a man’s game. Women are massively under-represented among both venture-backed entrepreneurs and VC investors, with companies founded solely by women receiving less than 3% of all venture capital investments and women accounting for less than 15% of check-writers, (Harvard Business Review).

In response we created an entire module to powerful persuasive pitches to equip women with the knowledge, skills and courage to secure grants, venture capital, joint ventures and partnerships. Women are often overlooked for top sales positions, but we tap into the latest neuro-marketing and neuro-science to both rewire the brain, overcome self-limiting beliefs and understand the sales triggers that compel people to buy with soulful selling.

The State of Australian Startup Funding report’s survey of founders revealed that just 5% of women founders, compared with 28% of men, believe there are “many funding options available to founders”. One third of women also say they don’t feel supported by the startup ecosystem. We want to change that!

This program has been 12 month in the making, but 25-years acquiring the experience, expertise and education to deliver it!

We are so confident in the program that we anticipate women who participate will 10X their investment within the first 12 months (but we're not setting a limit!)

The program is designed to not only transform your business, but enhance your lifestyle, health and wellness with supporting meditation, mindset and wellness techniques for women.

We believe that to perform at your best, you must look after yourself.

Are you a female founder that's peachy keen to take your business, your mindset and your lifestyle to the next level?

To see if you a the right fit for this program you can complete an online application here or book a 15 minute consult to discuss the program - no pushy sales, we promise!

You'll be chatting directly with me!


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