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The Fruitful Branding Blueprint

Learn how to build a blooming brand that delivers sustainable growth by attracting your ideal audience.

I have spent the past few months writing my latest eBook on branding.

Having worked with many brands both in the develop phase and the growth phase, I have seen and experienced what works, what has the biggest impact and what delivers sustainable growth.

I'm sharing all my learnings, frameworks and tools in The Fruitful Branding Blueprint eBook.

So why do I love branding so much?

The best way I can illustrate this is by comparing selling a product vs marketing a brand. When you sell a product you focus on the product features and interrupt people to show them.

When you are marketing a brand, you are designing your content around what the customer needs, values and wants. Therefore when the customer seeks out a solution, they find you.

A good brand strategy helps you attract your ideal customer and focuses on appealing to their desired emotional state and problem they want to solve. Your values are highly aligned and as a result they become brand loyal, even fanatics that promote your brand to others.

"A well defined brand will change the way you do business. An effective brand will attract instead of interrupt. This can be a game-changer for your business growth." Shelley Tilbrook

As I wrote this book, the content evolved. I looked back at the roadblocks that got clients stuck, the painpoints that held up process and developed frameworks and formula to specifically overcome them. For example, I had one client who came to me with several brand name options. At the time, I didn't have a method, to review and evaluate them, so now I designed a 9-step checklist to support this process the uses the acronym f.r.u.i.t.f.u.l. The fruitful brand name method, ensures your brand name is a sustainable choice.

The most common mistakes business owners make when it comes to branding:

  1. They think branding is your logo. Your brand identity (all the visual components of your brand) make up one of the ten-part process of the Fruitful Branding Blueprint. It's important the design is readable, relatable, reflects your values and vision and also if executed consistently. But a good brand strategy incorporates so much more than the design.

  2. They think branding is about your product. If you design and create everything for your brand around your product, you are forgetting the most important thing. Your Customer. When you create a brand strategy centred around your customer, you are going to be able to captivate, connect and convert more for your ideal customers. Why? Because you are designing it for them.

  3. They think their purpose is to have a profitable business. Your purpose, the reason your business exists, needs to be more than making money. When you have a purpose that has a higher calling, you will attract people who also value or seek that. Your WHY is a crucial part of the branding process.

To find out more or get access to your digital copy of the Fruitful Brand Blueprint eBook, click here. Available for just $37 AUD.

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