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Simple sales conversion tactics you can implement today on your website

Get juicier results on your website by including these 5 key elements to convert browsers into buyers, or better yet, raving fans!

I am always making updates to my website as there's always room for improvement. Websites are no longer set and forget, you should be regularly reviewing your analytics so you can improve the conversion rates and achieve your website objectives. The data is live you so you can respond in real-time and test changes easily.

A steady flow of website traffic, is a great start, but you can improve your results without driving more traffic to your website. If online sales is one of your objectives, you should measure how many are buying or converting into paying customers without any manual intervention from yourself or your team?

Here are 5 ways you can explode your website conversion rate by simply adding these fruitful ingredients to power-up your website.

1. Add videos of yourself and your products to build trust

Content marketing is all the rage. And for good reason. It works!

People buy from those they know, like and trust. So don't hide behind your brand, be part of it. Video also helps your SEO ranking when you embed and tag the right way and you can use across multiple platforms, including YouTube, to drive awareness and traffic back to your website.

Some idea of how you can incorporate video of yourself on your website:

  • Introduce yourself so your customers can get to know you and your values which will help to align and attract those with shared values;

  • Pay the value forward by giving them a sample teaching of what you do which will also help to establish yourself as a credible expert;

  • Tell your story about why you started the business, your purpose, vision and mission which will help to align and attract people who believe in your vision;

  • Showcase a product or service enabling a demonstration of something you offer;

  • Share a key learning or transformational result your have achieved for a client;

  • Take the copy on one of your pages and turn into into a video version so people can choose to read or listen to you explain it.

2. Add customer testimonials as social proof

This is not new, but how you create the testimonial can have a big bearing on the outcome.

The strongest type of testimonial you can get, is a video where you customer talks to the camera (real person alert), and talks about their transformation and results, not just how wonderful you are great service etc. This is followed by a testimonial accompanied by a photo of your customer looking at the camera (yes this is a real person giving a testimonial), and then written form in third place.

With their permission, always include their name and business or location to add context and credibility.

You can add a reviews feature to your website so can also automate the process of customers leaving a testimonial. The more happy customers, the more trust you will build with browsers removing more of the risk of buying online from you.

3. Create landing pages that have one clear CTA

You may do more than one thing, but your customer is only interested in solving their problem and the solution they seek.

The beauty of a landing page is you can design all the content just for that person from the language, images, pain points and solutions they are looking for. You can even address their predictable objections and overcome them. You will also reduce the complexity of decision-making by having one clear call-to-action (CTA). This removes confusion (reminder that confused people don't buy) and distractions (keep them focused).

One single-minded message also helps over 60% to remember the message. When you add a second part to the message that rate drops to 35%. So create landing pages with one problem, one solutions and one CTA.

Product videos can increase the conversion rate by 144% so it is worthwhile investing the time producing these.

You can create a landing page for each type of product and they are particularly successful for high-ticket offers.

4. Great UX to make it easy to find and buy

You've all been on a website when you can't find the button or the page you are after. What do you do? You get frustrated and leave.

User experience (UX) is the interaction and experience users have with your products and services and you want to ensure they have a positive one. You are not always in control of what page your visitor will land on, so make sure navigation is easy and straightforward. More than 3 clicks, and you are likely to loose them. Use obvious labels, heading and buttons that are really easy to see and consistency so your user becomes familiar with where to find things.

Here's some tips to improve your UX

  • Include plenty of blank space and contrast to avoid a really cluttered website;

  • Clearly named menu and simple navigation;

  • Use headings and highlights to break up the copy;

  • Use relevant images, icons, and graphics to reinforce what the copy says;

  • Consistent design and layout so your customers can predict where to find things;

  • Contrasting buttons so they are easy to see;

  • A well thought out user journey to reduce the number of clicks to find what they want;

  • A site map for an easy reference to find the pages they want;

  • Use colour psychology to help set the mood or emotion you want your customer to feel when they engage with your brand; and

  • Use a consistent tone of voice that speaks directly to your ideal customer.

5. Add a guarantee to remove all risk

Previously the 'mere exposure effect' required 7 interactions with you or your brand before they would be comfortable buying from you. Now in the digital era, that has jumped to 24 times. If someone is buying from you for the first time, you can greatly increase the comfort, and removing all risk by including a money back guarantee. You are telling them to buy it, check it out and if you're not satisfied, we'll refund, no questions asked. This is super powerful in converting traffic into customers as you have removed the risk of the purchase.

Measures for Website Sales Growth

Now above all, remember that over 95% of visitors to your website will not be ready to buy, so for the most successful results you need to have systems in place to nurture them. These include:

  • tracking in place so you can retarget them, like a Facebook Pixel;

  • incentives for data capture, like a discount offer so you gain their email address;

  • automated email nurture sequence so you can stay top-of-mind;

Watch the fruitful summary here

If you'd like assistance with your website build or optimising your existing website, contact the me, Shelley Tilbrook, to discuss how fruitful group can connect, captivate and convert your web traffic into raving customers.

I also teach these tactics and many others in my 'Building Your Website' course if you want to level-up and become a pro and all things website related.

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