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Pitching at the Austrade SportTech Forum

Australian SportTech Showcase to China

This week I was fortunate to present for a client, Immerse Sports, at the Austrade SportTech Forum. I was joined by eight Victorian SportTech companies pitching to Chinese delegates to share the amazing tech developments that have been home grown to an audience of 350,000.

In Australia, SportTech is big business.

The Australian Sport Tech Network (ASTN) estimates the market size of Australian sports tech industry is valued at almost $3.1 billion annually, representing 9-10% of Australia's $AUD 32 billion total sports industry.

The opportunity to pitch to a lucrative market in China can be a game changer for growth.

China's sports and fitness industry was valued RMB 1.5 trillion in 2016 and is expected to triple in size to RMB 5 trillion by 2025. A key target of the Health China 2030 initiative is increasing the number of regular exercisers to 530 million, about 40% of the population. This creates opportunity for everyone.

Currently, Victoria is leading the way as the place of sport innovation in Australia with 44% of exports from Victoria, 27% from NSW and 20% from QLD.

Pitching Tips

Opportunities like this require the perfect pitch.

Here's my top three tips:

  1. Storytelling: Include a mix of strategic storytelling that illustrate the persuasive benefits of the problem you solve.

  2. Message: Keep your message simple. In these events, there are live interpreters translating your pitch, so you don't want to complicate the message.

  3. Presentation: Your presentation should have visual queues and ideally bi-lingual for your audience. Video is also great to break up your pitch with memorable key messages.

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