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Mastering the Art of Copywriting

Copywriting is an art form. Copywriting is not just clever alliteration, snappy headlines, it's about crafting copy that converts!

If you can master this skill, you will go a long way to creating successful campaigns. Yes there are so many elements to get right, but good copywriting is an essential ingredient. In business I have always been amazed that even at an executive level, people have not mastered copywriting.

Why Good Copywriting is Essential Good copywriting helps you attract your tribe, influence people and create the desired response to your work.

You'll need to be good at it to complete any of the following tasks effectively:

  • write a business presentation;

  • write a business pitch;

  • create a social media ad;

  • write an article blog;

  • product description for your online store;

  • website landing pages;

  • sales funnels;

  • email marketing;

  • tell your story; and

  • SEO To name a few.

Your business will be judged on the quality of the content of the products or services you offer and essentially measured by the committed and returning customers. So, irrespective of the market you find yourself; always have appealing, convincing and direct communication with your existing or prospective customers.

Those who encounter your brand online, will indisputably evaluate it by the text you make available on your website and decide what action to take, therefore, your web content matters.

Retain Customers Attention You can only retain customers with your convincing and catchy content.

In normal day-to-day life, when there are memorable phrases, we take some unplanned decisions; same relates to copywriting, their decisions can change to induce them to take some actions. Conclusively, copywriting can be seen as a written message, text, or substance that induces your target audience to buy the products or services. It is also any written text, message or content that supports your business. Proficiently, a steadfast customer is one that has been transformed from an informal visit through written copywriting.

Copywriting works simply by the method which includes easy-to-read convincing text, developing web content and interesting memorable content headlines. The attention of a visitor to your site must be caught immediately once they visit your site in the rapid world of today. Remember, not every text will do and the majority of the visitors will not read all your text but will rather skip through. Vice-versa, what is wrong for a person can be right for the other. Your content must also be specific to address the audience and to be able to catch the attention of those who will really be interested in your products and services. So, in order to achieve the best result, copywriting and marketing must go together.

Copywriting works simply by the method which includes easy-to-read convincing text, developing web content and interesting memorable content headlines.

Understanding your market and the company you operate in will enable you to write suitable content. For effective copywriting you will require the following information:

  1. Who is the intended target audience?

  2. What are their motivations, behaviours, likes/dislikes?

  3. What is a major pain-point or problem for them?

  4. What is the product/service you are offering?

  5. How does is solve their problem?

  6. What is the desired action you want them to take?

After getting this information, development and copywriting can begin.

“For websites, copywriting takes into account three simple elements: What you say, how you say it and how you display it,” says Shelley Tilbrook, Fruitful Group Founder. “To create the desired action from your website visitor, you need to be effective at all three.”

Fundamental Tips for Copywriting

  1. Use concise language, don’t waffle.

  2. Include power words to inspire action.

  3. Tell a compelling story, give them the ‘why’.

  4. Create structure and format with headings, bullets points and visuals.

  5. Stay on purpose.

  6. Have a punchy headline and headings to hook them and keep them interested.

  7. Always review and edit your work.

If you would like to master the art of copywriting, you can purchase the Copywriting Influence eBook on the Fruitful Group website for $27. The 60-page step-by-step guide will teach you how to become more influential at copywriting. For more business development advice from Shelley Tilbrook, visit Fruitful Group‘s blog

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