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Latest Project: The Political Racquet Brand and Website

The latest brand design and website project to launch for my client is serving up a mixed double of politics and tennis.

The brainchild of lawyer, Julian Dowse, the Political Racquet is a blog on politics looking at it through the lense of tennis. After each Grand Slam, Dowse writes an insightful view of the world of politics and commentary on the grand slam itself, a long-time enthusiast of both topics. What started as a witty article shared with friends, it feverishly grew, prompting the Political Racquet digital blog to launch so more could enjoy.

The Brief

The brief was to design the logo and build the website for the blog making it a fun, playful and with a strong tennis theme with the name being Political Racquet.

The Brand

The brand brief was to incorporate a tennis racquet and political icon with the name Political Racquet. While several options were explored, the clients' selected the one below which uses a tennis racquet like a magnifying glass overlooking parliament house. This is a perfect synergy for the blog which looks at the world of politics through the lense of tennis.

The colour palette choice was inspired by tennis with the green and fluro representing the traditional grass court and tennis balls while the grey is a reflection of politics.

These colours were worked seamlessly into the design throughout the website.


The Website

The website, while a relatively simple build for a blog, is still fairly sophisticated with automations, animations and mobile responsiveness.

We responded to the client's request of a tennis theme and had some fun with tennis puns in the process.

The design is clean and stylish with lots of white space.

The final step was training the client to use the content management system to load their own articles.

"This was a really enjoyable project to work on. We were given full creative license and obviously with my passion for sport, I had some fun with that in the design and copy around the tennis theme and puns."

Shelley Tilbrook, Fruitful Group Founder, website designer and digital strategist.

The Client

The net result,a very happy client.

"Thank you for your exceptional work in establishing and designing my website blog,"

"Your design skills were inspired and you have created something that is entirely professional in its appearance.  You have answered all my many questions with patience and were able to 'introduce me to the site and how to use it' thoughtfully. 

"In a matter of a little over a month you have created something that I have been thinking about for years. Thank you so much for your service, skills and attention to all my annoying details!"

Julian Dowse, Political Racquet

Don't sit on the sidelines - check out the live site here -

If you need a brand design or website build, visit

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