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In the media: Personal Branding Experts to watch in 2022

Fruitful Group was featured in The Australian Business Journal as a Personal Branding Expert to watch in 2022.

While personal branding has been long been part of entertainers and sporting stars' strategy, it has been building momentum from a nice-to-have to a must-have for business owners and executives.

People want to know more about the people they are doing business with and your digital presence and profile makes up part of that equation to build trust, credibility and authority in your industry.

It's not just about what's on your CV and business achievements, it's about what you stand for.

The Australian Business Journal looked at the top 20 personal branding experts to watch in 2022 and Fruitful Group is on the list!

Read the full article on Australian Business Journal here.

At Fruitful Group, we help entrepreneurs, entertainers and elite athletes with personal branding strategies, personal branding websites, content and PR to build their personal profile, attract the right partnerships and commercial opportunities that align with their purpose.

See more about Personal Branding from Fruitful Group.

Contact me if you would like to discuss your personal branding strategy or presence.


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