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Fruitful Entrepreneurs: Join the Online Community

Come join my new FREE community for passionate entrepreneurs looking to thrive in business to be berry inspired and empowered.

I have created the Fruitful Entrepreneurs private Facebook Group for entrepreneurs starting out or looking to scale. The community is designed to allow them to find support, advice and training with like-minded ambitious individuals on their business growth journey.

"Starting a business can be tough and most entrepreneurs will make mistakes along the way. The group can share their learnings and create some shortcut for new entrepreneurs," said Shelley Tilbrook, group founder.

We're building a supportive community with strong engagement. Members can use the following hashtags to start a conversation in the group.

#FruitfulSupport (for feedback)

#FruitfulFoundations (to mark major milestones)

#FruitfulResults (to celebrate outcomes)

They can also share what their business is about on #FruitfulFriday to gain support form the group.

Invite your entrepreneurial friends to the Fruitful Entrepreneurs. It's a great fit for anyone who has an idea, a side-hustle, a start-up or a fruitful business to be empowered by this group.

#FruitfulEntrepreneurs #FacebookGroup #OnlineCommunity

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