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I am joining the Brainz Family as an Executive Contributor Writer

I'm delighted to announce I've been chosen as an Executive Contributor for Brainz Magazine.

Brainz. is a branding and digital media magazine, reaching 300,000 people weekly with a focus on interviews, articles and information about business, mindset, innovation, leadership and lifestyle.

The Brainz. audience is spread worldwide with a mix of contributor content, valuable native articles and exclusive interviews with famous, inspiring influencers and entrepreneurs.

Featuring content and advice from industry leaders like Russian Photographer turned travel influencer, Murad Osmann (4M Following), New York Times best-seller, Yoga Girl (2M+ Following), world leading brain coach, Jim Kwik (1M+ Following), to name a few. I am pretty humbled to be featuring alongside these names.

Each month I'll be writing an article for Brainz. sharing my expertise including business strategy, content marketing, building blooming brands, persuasive pitching and storytelling to engage, educate and empower entrepreneurs which has become my purpose.

I'll be sure to share a link so you can follow my articles.

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