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Ed-Tech website launch for snap-tute

Project showcase of our client's new website to inspire teachers, support parents and empower students.

In a year that has seen many challenges, one that was felt by most families and schools was that of home schooling. With teachers having to adapt lesson delivery to online learning platforms, parents thrown into the 'home schooling' teacher role and teenagers battling through remote learning nuances, much support was needed.

It presented a mix of emotions, wavering motivation and new challenges and opportunities. Some students struggled and others thrived.

fruitful Group's services were engaged by snap-tute to design and build a learning platform catering to the needs to teachers and parents to support them and ultimately help students continue to learn, develop and enjoy the process.

Fruitful Group was delighted to be appointed to build the website and brand.

Introducing snap-tute

snap-tute, founded by experienced teacher, Brendan Craig, is a revolutionary teaching platform for teachers and parents of teenagers.

Designed by teachers with over 30 years of classroom experience, snap-tute provides parents and teachers with the tools and resources to guide and inspire young adults, at school and in life.

Teachers & parents have never been more important in the education of young people.Students face overwhelming access to information but they desperately need structure, guidance and inspiration. snap-tute, understand that teachers want to make a difference and parents want to be involved. Here are the tools and the resources you need. We're excited to share this revolutionary teaching platform with you.

The opportunity to engage their Children They can discover practical learning aids that assist and support their child's learning, enjoyment and development.

For Teachers

The resources to inspire your students Proven and effective teaching strategies & advice to inspire young teachers and reinvigorate experienced professionals.

Key Website features:

  • Online Courses custom-built content pages featuring learning content

  • eCommerce shop for digital products;

  • Data capture forms to build a customer database.

  • Blog to showcase resources for parents, teachers and students

  • Automation of eBook sending

  • Audio files to support online learning course material

  • SEO and mobile optimisation

What the Client Said

"Shelley was professional, passionate, and an excellent communicator. She repeatedly went above and beyond. Prompt and sincere and most importantly, a great designer. She understood my brief from start to finish and worked with me at my pace to complete an exciting website setup. Couldn't recommend her highly enough!”


Online learning has seen a massive growth in recent times and the industry is forecast to continue that trend for the next five years to surpass $500Billion.

"snap-tute has developed a much needed resource for teachers and parents and I'm sure will be very successful in solving a problem for a clearly defined market."


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