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Brilliant Brand Names that help you Build a Blooming Brand featured on Brainz Magazine

My latest article is trending on Brainz. Magazine.

This article taps into my learnings on brand names, then provides you with the tools to review or create the best brand name for your business. I will identify the types of brand names, provide you with a brainstorming framework, and the final step is my fruitful brand name evaluation system.

It's a deep dive on how to brainstorm, construct and select a brand name that is rich in meaning, sustainable, adaptable and strengthen your overall brand strategy.

There is so much power in the words that you use, and I love a double meaning.

You can read the full article on Brainz Magazine here.

If you like this topic and you're after more branding advice, grab a copy of The Fruitful Branding Blueprint on the fruitful group website.

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